Finnleo Professional Series

Superior Sauna Finnleo Superfinn Sauna Heater

The Professional series heaters have been the standard of the industry for more than 25 years. They are designed for large, residential and commercial-sized saunas. With a maximum amount of stones of 132 lbs, these stoves create a pleasant and relaxing sauna experience. The Professional pairs with the Digi and FSC series controls.

Feel the rejuvenating spirit of Finnleo Saunas. Finnleo heaters are the heart and soul of the sauna. With exclusive heater designs, Finnleo puts more rocks in direct contact with the elements. The result is pure bliss: a soft steam and an even-tempered heat rising from the rocks. Open air flow design allows quick, effective heating with efficient energy use.

Superfinn Pro 105 Pro 120 Pro 140
Sauna size (Cu. Ft.) 390 – 600 510 – 740 630 – 950
Heating Power (kw) 10.5kw 12.0kw 14.4kw
Vulcanite Rocks (lbs) 132 132 132
Amps/Voltage – 1Phase 43.8/240 50.0/240 60.0/240
Amps/Voltage – 3Phase 29.2/208 33.3/208 40.1/208
Shipping weight 68 70 75
Dim.(inch)(WxHxD) 20 x 29 x 19 20 x 29 x 19 20 x 29 x 19

Choice of Analog or Digital Controls

SL2-C Control

Superior Sauna Finnleo SL2-C

The SaunaLogic2 takes the simple yet intuitive and popular SaunaLogic control and gives it a modern upgrade. The glass touch screen on a smart-phone size surface provides a modern and extremely flexible option for the modern sauna owner. This control operates time, temperature, lighting (including optional color lighting), and can even work with Finnleo’s Bluetooth sound system.

  • Dimensions: 3 3/8” w x 5 1/2” H x 1/4” D
  • Intuitive display (time/temp/lighting/system status)
  • 24-hour time delay
  • 60-minute timer
  • Built-in RGBW light control with dimmer (use for Finnleo low-voltage lighting kit)
  • Built-in Bluetooth button for use with optional SL2 Audio Kit

SC Analog Controls

Superior Sauna Finnleo SC Controls

SC-60 Dial Control

Sleek flush mounted design, stainless steel faceplate, 60 minute timer, thermostatic control, light switch and heat indicator light.

SC-9 Dial Control

Sleek flush mounted design, stainless steel faceplate, 60-minute timer with 9-hour time delay (9” + 1”), thermostatic control, light switch, and heat indicator light.

SC-Club Control

Sleek, flush mounted design, satin stainless steel faceplate, On/Off Switch, thermostatic control, light switch, and heat indicator light. For use in commercial saunas with an attendant on duty.

Bio Water Technique

BWT from Finnleo means several sauna experiences in one solution. Enjoy your favorite sauna alone or share different sauna experience with family and friends. With a BWT ready sauna heater from Finnleo, it is all possible. Filling the BWT and setting the heater to 150-175 °F offers a softer sauna with more humidity. Leaving the BWT empty provides a traditional sauna experience.